Mindfulness for Children


Just like us, children experience stress.

However, they are often not as well equipped as we are.

Studies have shown that parents perceive children as having lower levels of stress than children perceive themselves as having (John Hopkins School of Medicine, 2005).

Chronic stress in children can cause many problems including: difficulties sleeping, appetite changing, panic attacks, muscle tension and soreness, GI problem, feeling of worthlessness and sadness.

By teaching our children early about Mindfulness, we are giving them the tools to learn to cope with not only day to day stress but stressful events.

I see it in the same way as teaching my kids to swim or what to do in an emergency!

We are handing them over the emotional tool kit!

Regularly practicing mindfulness improves short term working memory, concentration, but also empathy and compassion towards others. The classes are age appropriate and I will work on the following with your child: - self- esteem - self- compassion/ empathy - relaxation - body awareness - identifying feelings and dealing with "big emotions" - mindfulness through play - dreams and creativity.

Mindfulness classes can be carried out as a one to one in the comfort of your home or as part of local class I teach.