About me

Hi! I'm Steph,
Originally from France, I've lived in South West London for the past 20 years with my 2 children, Sarah who is now 16 and Noah, now 9.

My journey into healing and meditation has been a very interesting one to say the least!

With a background in both pharmaceutical sciences and midwifery, I have always felt a strong pull towards science.

However, as I struggled with severe hemiplegic migraines for decades, I felt like I had exhausted all of the options modern medicine could offer me and turned to holistic practice.

First, it was out of curiosity (and a bit of despair!). Reflexology, acupuncture, "tapping" did help but it was the healing energy of Reiki that put an end to my suffering.

I still get the occasional migraine but I am better equipped to deal with them!

One of the best tool I have learnt to cope with pain is Mindfulness.

The need to understand why I was always in such pain led me to read up and learn more about neuroscience.

Science confirmed what Buddhist Monks have known for thousands of years: our mind is our stronger tool to help us cope with pain, may it be chronic, acute, labour and child birth! Once we train our mind, our outlook changes completely and we can cope so much better.

Empowered by my own experience, I now share what I have learnt with people who are curious about self- healing, who want to take their health in their own hands, reduce the need for medication at the smallest ache or pain, to treat their mind with the same healthy outlook as they treat their body and beyond all, to share this with children.

This is just the beginning of your journey, so welcome to the path to a better you!

 The Mindful Mama