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Need a professional blogger?

Need a writer to research and write blog posts for you? Struggling to find time to publish your blog posts, create images and promote on social media? You’re in luck.

As a professional blogger and writer, I create posts that get you found online, work-up lovely images to make your posts stand out, and schedule promotional social media updates.

Get in touch if you need to save time and effort with your writing.

How my unique skill-set can help you

With copywriting expertise, journalism training and practical experience of WordPress, Canva, and use of social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+), there’s a lot I can help you with.

In my day-to-day job I’m a content, copywriter and blogger.  You can see the kind of work I do at my company’s website Blue Fox Copywriting. I mainly work with b2b micro-businesses but I’m also passionate about parenting, health and well-being and will write b2c copy too if the product or service is the right fit for me. I write blog posts, articles, case studies, website content and newsletter content. I also offer content editing and review plus a blog management package to save you time and hassle.

More about me

I’m a mum of two boys – currently aged 5 and 3. I have a degree in psychology and business administration and spent most of my career pre-kids, in Human Resources. Since becoming a mum, my focus has changed. I’ve embraced mindfulness and positive parenting and love to write about how I’m using these techniques, in the hope other parents will find some peace and calm too.

Guest posting

If your website gets a lot of traffic and you need a guest blogger and will consider giving me a byline for my posts, then I’d love to talk to you!

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