Mindful Colouring Cards

Have you tried mindfulness by post yet?


have you tried mindful colouring cards?

Mindful colouring cards: spread a little mindfulness by post

Do you love getting post? I don’t get much anymore. And when I do it’s usually a reminder to pay my car tax. Once a year my letterbox gleefully spits out lots of birthday cards, often containing cheques. Which is nice. But sometimes having a gift to open makes a birthday girl feel extra special.

I have a friend who’s really into crafting like me. She lives in Essex though, while I’m in the Midlands. We always send each other a birthday gift and I suggested one year, instead of spending money, sending a little something from our craft stashes instead.

Now, on my birthday I receive gorgeous reels of ribbon or cute buttons. I really look forward to those parcels. Though I love my birthday gifts from everyone else, I never know what this parcel will contain. It’s usually something unexpected but lovely!

So when card company Cardooo got in touch to offer me a card for review, I was intrigued. They’ve just launched a range of adult mindful colouring cards – combining the fad for colouring with a greeting card.

As you’ll know if you’ve checked out my blog, I do love colouring. Not to mention it’s a brilliant mindful activity. It got me thinking – could this be the start of mindfulness by post? Hmm…

Mindful colouring cards with a difference

Yet I was unsure about the concept of buying a card for someone else to colour in. Surely I’d just buy a colouring book and send a normal greeting card? But the idea of making a card an interactive, collaborative, fun experience, plus the card quality, convinced me otherwise. Because they certainly are cards with a difference.

Cardooo offers six unique card styles. Each is decorated with a quirky message and they open out into eight page booklets, all packed with a variety of pictures and mandala inspired patterns.

mindful colouring cards

The cards are stylish. Thick card with embossed with beautiful gold foil, pretty illustrations, motivational quotes plus a bonus colouring booklet inside. I’d love to receive such a thoughtful piece of mail. What a lovely way to spread a bit of mindfulness or encourage a friend to take up a mindful activity.

Finally, how about this? A lovely birthday gift for a distant friend who likes colouring and crafting. And it won’t have the hefty mailing tag of a large letter or package either.

Mindfulness by post. I love it! Looks like my crafty friend will be getting some mindful colouring for her next birthday. That’s if I can stop myself from colouring it in first!

Cardooo sent me two mindful colouring cards from their new adult colouring range for the purpose of this post. All opinions however are my own. You can check out the full range here: www.cardooo.com






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Sarah is a writer and mum to two energetic boys. She practises mindfulness daily and loves sharing practical mindful tips with fellow parents. Sarah has a degree in psychology, writes at Blue Fox Copywriting and blogs for various sites about lifestyle, careers, parenting and well-being.

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