Positive affirmations for kids

Make your own happiness chain: positive affirmations craft for kids


Positive affirmations for kids

Make a chain of happiness: positive affirmations for kids

If you’ve read the blog recently you’ll see that I’ve had a bit of a hard time. I’ve been a bit grumpy and negative. We all have those moments. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel though and what’s really helped is positive affirmations. Basically positive self-talk, they’re lovely things and once you start thinking about them, they become a little addictive.

I have my business to blame for finding them.

Over the weekend I listened to a podcast from an inspirational business and confidence coach, mainly as I’m struggling with some emotional blocks when it comes to running my business.

She mentioned that our beliefs are pretty much fully formed by the time we’re 7 years old. And these beliefs go on to rule our subconscious for years to come. Everything that happens, all the comments or criticism from peers, friends, teachers or family is filtered through these beliefs and if they happen to match the belief, it reinforces it.

This astounded me.

Positive affirmations and beliefs to help build kids’ confidence

What if the things I’m saying are building my boys’ belief system? I’ve only got a couple of years to make sure their beliefs and values are supportive and positive. I want them to be happy, resilient kids with health self-esteem. It took me years of internal battling to overcome my own poor self-esteem and low confidence.

Today I researched some lovely positive affirmations which are great for kids.

Happy crafting

As it’s the summer holidays, I decided to mix these affirmations with a spot of crafting. I came across the idea of making kindness chains some time ago. Here are a few of the positive affirmations I decided to use:

I am helpful

I am friendly

I am kind

I play well with others

I am calm

I can do it

I am brave

I am gentle

I have happy thoughts

I am a good friend

I am creative

I find ways to solve problems

I am awesome

I reach for the stars

I am strong

I am thoughtful and kind

I am perfect just the way I am

I can do anything

I am proud of myself

I am kind to others

I believe in myself

They’re a mix of strong self-belief statements mixed with respect and kindness for others. I printed them onto coloured paper and let Boo (my 5-year-old) cut them out. We then picked the statements we liked the sound of and glued the ends to create chains.

We had a nice time discussing what the phrases meant and which ones we felt applied to us.

Boo picked the affirmations:

I am brave, I am helpful, I am creative

A thoughtful idea

He then decided to make a chain for his dad with these affirmations which I thought was an amazingly kind thing to do:

I am strong, I am awesome, I reach for the stars

I also made a paper chain using:

I am proud of myself, I believe in my dreams, I find ways to solve problems

We had lots of fun making these chains and got to feel good about ourselves at the same time.

Just for you

I’ve created a printable featuring these affirmations if you’d like to try them for yourself.

Have fun!

Do you use positive affirmations with your kids? I’d love to hear about the results – let me know below.



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