Mindful Resources

Some of the mindful resources I found helpful in getting my mindfulness journey going. Contact me if there’s other resources you’d like to see.


What is mindfulness?

Who has time for long, drawn out explanations?! Here are a couple of short guides for you to learn more about mindfulness and mindful practice. Perfect for reading during your tea break…



Instant Calm for You

  • Tea meditation: Got 5 minutes? Have a go at this easy and soothing tea meditation. Swap chocolate for tea if you want to mix things up!

Fancy some guided meditation?

Perfect for those who like visual meditation guides.


The Honest Guys have quite a few meditation videos on You Tube. Here are two of my favourites, the first is great if you don’t have much time, the second is lovely if you want a longer meditation.



Simple Mindful Practices for Children

Five mindful exercises for children. Quick and easy practices that your kids will enjoy. Each exercise includes a brief how-to guide plus tips on when /where to use.


Mindful Apps

Check out this Be Stress Free app – a cute island of calm tools with commentary to guide you through. Developed by experienced psychiatrists and based on clinically proven therapy. Great for anxiety and stress reduction when used regularly. Personally used and recommended by Mindfully Mummy!


Headspace is another good app for beginners, it explains how mindfulness works and is practical with great graphics. You can try the first 10 sessions for free.

Are there any mindful resources you’ve found and want to share with fellow parents? Let me know in the comments box below.

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