Banish the bad mood and stop the grumps from stealing your calm


banish the bad mood mama!

Banish the bad mood

How have you been the past few weeks? Practising mindfulness? Keeping your cool?

I’ll be honest. It’s not been the best for me. At one point I worried I was heading for burn-out, with constant exhaustion and a bad mood lingering.

But then I’ve spent a lot of time re-energising my writing business. The more effort I’ve put in, the less time I’ve practised mindfulness. And the more exhausted and grumpier I’ve become.

Bad mood that won't shift?

Hello grumpiness! Don’t you think you outstayed your welcome?

Being around a moody, irritable person isn’t fun. I don’t like me when I’m like this. My boys don’t either. My negative vibes seem to affect them, unleashing their mean, tantrum-throwing side which amplifies my bad mood. Cue vicious circle of scary mummy-shouting, little person tantrums, more scary mummy-shouting, toys being thrown (me and the boys too), everyone crying… you get the picture and it isn’t a pretty one.

How to kick the bad mood into touch

I’ve practised mindfulness on and off for the past 9 months. Thanks to mindfulness, I notice when my mood is becoming negative and can usually do something about it. The past three weeks has been intense; really hard work. That mood has been a stubborn one.

I bet you have days like this. Nothing you do seems to touch that negative mood.

But even the teeniest actions make a positive impact.

Here’s how I’ve kicked that grumpiness out on its grumpy backside. And it’s worked! I’m feeling a lot calmer and have had far fewer scary-mummy tantrums the past two days.

Find 10 minutes to sit and chill out

I wait until the boys are at playgroup / school, I’ve done the washing up and written a blog post. Then I sit in a comfy chair. I make sure it’s quiet. And I just focus on my breathing. My brain whirs but I let those thoughts float on by. If I get caught up in thinking, I realise what I’m doing and I re-focus.

Quality sleep

I make sure I get an early night. And I switch off at least an hour before going to bed. I never get quality sleep if I’m hunched over my laptop or mobile phone until 10pm.

The power of moodles

If I’m too wound up to sit, I scribble!

Yep, not gentle, mindful colouring, but frustration-filled scribbling! I came across this technique in a fabulous little book at The Works:

Grumpy moodles to banish the bad mood

Grumpy – Moodle your troubles away

A moodle is a doodle that has the power to change your mood. From grumpy to glad, happy to sad…

My favourite so far is to get a pencil and just scribble out all my frustration onto the paper.

It works! And it’s so much fun that your grumps will soon disappear, leaving you to get on with the rest of your day grump-free.

scribble that bad mood away

Want more? Some lovely grump-busting techniques for you to try:

  • Draw the word ‘grumpy’ in the happiest style
  • Scrunch up your scribbles and chuck it across the room. Or lob it netball-style into the bin
  • Stomp on bubble wrap, or squeeze it in your hands
  • Punch a balloon a few times. Or a pillow if you want a softer target

How do you stop your moodiness from blighting your day? Did any of these tips help get rid of your bad mood? Be awesome and comment below.

Author: Mindfully Mummy

Sarah is a writer and mum to two energetic boys. She practises mindfulness daily and loves sharing practical mindful tips with fellow parents. Sarah has a degree in psychology, writes at Blue Fox Copywriting and blogs for various sites about lifestyle, careers, parenting and well-being.

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