Mindful Parenting

Mindful parenting, according to mindfulness guru Jon Kabat-Zinn, is about paying attention to what’s important in daily life. It’s remembering to be attentive and open to the moments with our children – whether those moments are good or whether they leave us frustrated.

How mindfulness can make a difference to you

As parents we often have little time to ourselves. Between sorting out the kids and the house, going to work and not taking time for ourselves it’s not surprising we find ourselves feeling stressed, exhausted and unable to relax.

Mindfulness practice offers a way to keep the stress levels down without having to go anywhere, take expensive classes or spend ages on it. When we’re calmer and feel more in control, children become calmer too, adding to the overall sense of peace.

Mindfulness won’t take away the demands on your time or make you less busy. What it will do is help you to approach things differently and become more aware of the here and now. It’s about changing how you feel and how you react moment by moment.

About me

About Mindfully Mummy

With my two little ducklings at Bowood House in Wiltshire

As a self-employed mum of two boys (Boo and Tiddler), I have a lot of demands on my time. I find it hard to switch off and just ‘be’. I’m the kind of person who can’t sit still and usually practises extreme multi-tasking while thinking about the next six things I need to do.

What became apparent from speaking to other parents was the common theme of feeling constantly overwhelmed and having no time to recover from the daily rollercoaster that is bringing up children. From getting up every few hours in the night to feed the baby, looking after the house and ferrying the kids to and from the latest after-school club, there never seems to be enough hours in the day. By the end of it, most of us barely have the energy to slump on the sofa and watch mindless TV, let alone go out to a yoga class or meet friends for a glass of wine!

I was shocked by the number of parents taking anti-depressants and even more shocked by the reticence of people to open up about this issue.

Mindfully Mummy was born

With a background in psychology I found mindfulness an interesting topic and was intrigued to see how it would work for busy parents in daily life. Having used mindfulness and mindful parenting techniques, seeing the positive results for myself, I truly believe we should all be trying and promoting the mindful approach rather than popping pills and trying to muddle through.

In a manic world where we’re constantly bombarded with information, finding a little peace can be tricky. I created Mindfully Mummy to chart my journey in finding my inner calm using mindfulness. Hopefully along the way I can show others how to use mindful practice with minimum effort and make a difference, one breath at a time.

Here’s to finding your inner peace!



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