One mum's journey to find her inner calm using mindfulness

Since becoming a mum, life has been extra-busy with never a dull moment! Taking a couple of minutes to focus on my breathing can work wonders and give a sense of being back in control.

This blog is a personal account of how I found mindfulness and how it's helped me to enjoy being a mum more. You'll find entertaining stories of life with two little ones, along with lots of brilliant mindful tips, techniques and resources that have added a hint of calm to the ups and downs of being a mummy. I hope you find the tips useful and they help you to find your inner calm too 🙂

Below are 4 of my most popular posts which give actionable mindfulness tips for parents and children, followed by my latest blog posts.

Mindful activities for kids

Build mindfulness into your day

Finding your mindful focus

Instant calm: simple breathing

Why going Danish and having a Hygge will transform your evenings
Need a bit of quality family-time without the shouting or arguing? Try a Danish Hygge tonight and see the magical
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Make your own happiness chain: positive affirmations craft for kids
Positive affirmations crafting activity that leaves everyone feeling good about themselves. Make a happiness chain with your little ones –
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Have you tried mindfulness by post yet?
Mindful colouring cards: spread a little mindfulness by post Do you love getting post? I don’t get much anymore. And
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How to be mindful when you’re exhausted
Being a mindful mummy when tired is hard. And the holidays haven’t even started! Here’s a reminder of mindful essentials
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Banish the bad mood and stop the grumps from stealing your calm
Bad mood? It’s OK, we all get them. But what if it lingers and you feel grumpier than usual? This
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How feeling upset will make you calmer
When you’re feeling upset it’s logical to want to be happy. Mindfulness shows how embracing negative emotions reduces their power
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Need to be calm? Try these 2 easy mindfulness activities
2 easy mindfulness activities that take less than 2 minutes. Even the busiest of mums can fit in mindful practice
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Dear Parent Blogger, you’re awesome and here’s why
Are you a parent blogger? I salute you – here’s why I love other parent bloggers and how they’re helping
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Busy mama? How going in circles can reduce stress
Stressed mama? See how a mandala can reduce stress levels with this super easy drawing exercise. Spoiler – you don’t
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PMT – it’s not all in your mind and here’s why
PMT is a very real thing that alters moods and plays havoc with emotions. Until I found mindfulness PMT was
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The essence of mindfulness